C4: Day 12 – Abraham Lincoln.

Now apart from sharing initials, I know very little about this iconic figure. After a little internet research it turns out we also have a little in common in our outlooks too. Some of his gems include:

“There are no bad pictures, that is just how your face looks sometimes.”

“How many legs does a dog have if you call a tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”

“And in the end it is not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years.”

and ‘If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?”

I chose one of my favourites and adapted it on the fridge with my trusty alphabet magnets: (adapted due to limited letter availability!)

(All quotes are attributed to Abraham Lincoln on wholly unreliable websites, my research was not in depth in any way. But I like them whoever said them!)


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C4: Day 11 – Crayons

Cracked out the crayons and as usual when I start scribbling I gravitate towards a scruffy bird. This time he came out as a chicken, perhaps a little sad, perhaps tired, maybe hungover. Anyhow, he appeared as if by magic on an old white shirt, and then I added some detail with embroidery.

He may ed up as a patch on a vest top, or maybe a pocket on something, we’ll see.

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C4: Day 10 – Toast-er

I had plans for some artistic toast today, but then all the meals of the day were taken up (with yummy goodness, just not toasted yummy goodness). But then littlest sister came to the rescue and we had creative toasts with our meal.

Well semi-creative if I’m honest, frankly the ribs on our plates and the mullet on our waiter were a tad too distracting to concentrate on the mission fully.

‘Here’s to cyclists everywhere, particularly the naked ones tomorrow’. (We may be venturing into town at the same time as the naked bike ride. We will not be on bikes thouhg.
Or naked.

‘A toast to Canadian tyre bike mechanics, smelly men on helicopters and horror films staring tyres’ – Karen and Stuart really have had a wonderful visit!

Maybe we should have just toasted the mullet and had done with it.

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C4: Day eight – Recycling

Afraid I didn’t want to play much in the humidity today. Did get some knitting done in between naps, and also got sample some of Tara’s strawberry cake from her 30days challenge (very tasty!)……I did recycle a planter rescued from the rubbish last week, and finally got some radishes and lettuces in. I can create some wondorous salads if/when they grow.

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C4: Day nine – cowbell

Oh the wonders of Sesame Street dictionaries – the only place where you can just about guarantee finding a picture of a cowbell. I cracked out this little notebook, the insides are made of recycled envelopes from junk mail and bills recieved over the last year. Considering we’ve gone paperless for all our accounts its amazing how much you still collect.

Anyway, hey presto, my new shopping list notebook.

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C4: Cat revisited

Before, a heel print in concrete:

After: a friendly moggy:

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C4: Day seven – Fashion

Yep, fashion. Not my strong point (I’ll say it before you think it!). But I also had a birthday pressie to make, and thankfully the two things worked togther to bring about:

Yes, its a fancy dress outfit for the special egg in your life. No longer will you be left stranded with a naked egg on that important evening, because you can now avail yourself of a ready made outfit, complete with accessories. This little number is Mary Poppins themed and even comes with the famous parrot headed umbrella and bottomless carpet bag……..for that well dressed egg about town:

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