C4: Day 17 – Superheroes

A rare sighting here of the superhero who has been roaming the neighbourhood of late. Apparently a placid Patterdale Terrier got into a little scuffle with a rabid racoon and woke up the next morning with strange super powers and a stripey tail.

What super powers does he possess you may well ask? Well, the power to detect squirrels at fifty paces is a given, but super-pooch-racoon ( *) can also detect the presence of a mantelpiece in a room and stare at it dedicatedly for upwards and hour for no apparent reason.

This little hero can also calculate the exact point on any given walk that is furtherst from a bin, and promptly poop there. All without the aid of a GPS.

He can clear a room with one dose of cabbagey aroma.

And finally, no matter how snug and tucked in the human, he can steal all the duvet with barely a thought,and look at you with a completely innocent look to boot.

My hero.

(*) Suggestions for an improved super-hero name will be gratefully received.


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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