C4: Day 10 – Toast-er

I had plans for some artistic toast today, but then all the meals of the day were taken up (with yummy goodness, just not toasted yummy goodness). But then littlest sister came to the rescue and we had creative toasts with our meal.

Well semi-creative if I’m honest, frankly the ribs on our plates and the mullet on our waiter were a tad too distracting to concentrate on the mission fully.

‘Here’s to cyclists everywhere, particularly the naked ones tomorrow’. (We may be venturing into town at the same time as the naked bike ride. We will not be on bikes thouhg.
Or naked.

‘A toast to Canadian tyre bike mechanics, smelly men on helicopters and horror films staring tyres’ – Karen and Stuart really have had a wonderful visit!

Maybe we should have just toasted the mullet and had done with it.


About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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