A rainy evening calls for pie, and in this case I was in the mood for making rough-puff pastry. Very easy to knock up, and if you get it right, delicious too.

Flicking through the book gave me four options for using my pastry, and I opted for Boozy Steak pie.

The first alteration to the recipe came with the steak, as mentioned before I’m vegetarian (well pescetarian at least), so instead of stewing steak I used veggie mince. My beloved other half hates mushrooms so I left those out, but a quick glance in the fridge reminded me I had half a red chilli to use up, so I spiced up the pie with a dash of Cajun spices and the chopped chilli. My booze of choice was Sleeman’s porter, and after 20 mins on the hob, I transferred to the oven and hey presto:

I had a little pastry left over, so referring back to the book found the Fruit Pie recipe. Very simple, but very tasty. We had a few fresh strawberries left from our trip to Sandbanks at the weekend, so I heated them up with some apple shavings and desert was served:

Very nice it was too.

So, two recipes down….what culinary delight will I head to next?

NB: We had the left over boozy pie for lunch today with parmesan mashed potato and seasoned soya beans. This led to a snug, contended feeling in the belly and mind – so snug and contented that we somehow managed to miss the earthquake in Ottawa – not sure if that counts as a recommendation or not!


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