Challenge 1: Bake my way through the Bero Book

When I left home and headed off to University, one of the presents my mum gave me was The Bero Book, a slim volume of recipes using Bero brand flour. She has a copy at home, my Grandma has a copy, and now my two younger sisters have copies too.

The recipes are simple, fairly traditional English fare and for the last 12 years I’ve stuck with just a couple of the recipes – the cheese scones are now my ‘go-to’ for potlucks and picnics.

Since moving to Canada last year I get hankerings for English food from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, we eat fantastically well here, eating out regularly – delicious food at great prices for the most part. But sometimes I have a yearning for a cake or a pie that tastes like home.

I know the ‘cook your way through a cook book thing’ has been done before – I’ve seen the film (and didn’t enjoy it!), but this is my version and I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes and rediscovering some old ones.

The rules:

  1. All recipes must be cooked again – even those I’ve made a hundred times before.
  2. Recipes can be adapted, but must be recognisable as the originals (I’m vegetarian, won’t be making boozy beef pie anytime soon).
  3. The results must be photographed and blogged – the successes and the failures.

About amy j

temporarily retired at 32, motivating myself to get off the sofa with a series of challenges...
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